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[Exercise Less] Best Work Out For Transformation Of Body In A Month

Best Work Out For Transformation Of Body In A Month

Once this method is stopped, it will rebound soon. According to relevant national research, people who are banned from eating staple foods generally experience dizziness, headache, fatigue, bad breath, stomach pain, insomnia, anxiety, nausea, vomiting, etc. Therefore, you do not have to eat staple food for 30 days. Basically, you can't live a normal life at all. 

Dieting to lose weight not only will make all aspects of the body decline, but also make the body more inclined to store fat, purely stealing chicken does not fall into the rice. 

Many people fail to lose weight is the same reason, did not insist on, to know to lose weight the most important thing is (perseverance) to maintain exercise habits, but sports just to lose weight after the body is not so bad 

First of all, we all need carbohydrates to supply energy every day, Especially our brain needs glucose directly. Reducing the intake of carbohydrates can be very anxious and the recommendation for weight loss is gradual. 

The fat in our body is not grown in two days a day. It is usually caused by eating more and less exercise, so changing your living habits is good for your healthy weight loss. 

Healthy body is your own, choose the way to lose weight also need to be able to bear the desire to lose weight 

Less Exercise To Loss Weight

Method Should Be Start On These Lines:-

only eat one meal a day. lunch. 
I don't care what you are eating, in short, three things to worry about. 
Less oil, less noodles, less meat. I don't care when you eat it, in 
short, finish it within 30 minutes. Then stay away from the kitchen. 
Before meals, you can eat when you are hungry. . . Oranges 
how much you eat does not matter, remember to empty stomach. 
The oranges themselves are sour, and eating on an empty stomach tends to increase stomach acid and help digestion to avoid hunger. 
Simple, easy, so eat. Basically 1 day 1 kg. 30 pounds a month. 
No exercise, no rebound. 

Unless the following conditions. . . 

1. You eat a meal every day, but it is breakfast or dinner 
2. You insist on two days. On the third day, you can eat two meals or three meals a day 
3. You must have no rice or noodles. . The result is constipation. In this case, please drink slimming tea and then continue. 
4. You can't control it, eat and drink at lunch. I can't save you anymore. 
5. You go out to eat with friends and family during weight loss. At this time, even the gods can't control the appetite. 
6. You ate two meals today, and then wanted to explain that you would not eat it. I said that I must have a meal a day, and I don’t want to use this idea to make up for it. 
7. You don't have a daily weight scale. . . 
8. You combine this method with other methods 
----------- In the 
above situation, please don't come to me. Keep crisp deserve it 

Finally Say A Few Side Effects 

1. Anorexia, I suggest you look at what food magazines like every day. Food is a good thing, don't hate it. 
2. The stomach is too heavy. . Then eat fewer oranges 
3. Constipation. . I have already said this before 
4. The spirit is too good~ this varies from person to person. Since I have had a meal every day, my mental condition is very good. . Jumping and jumping every day. 
5. Easy to be hungry. . When you are hungry, you will sleep, huh? you are working? If you are hungry, you will eat oranges
6. Seeing that the weight has dropped too fast, the heart can't stand it. Please call the ambulance 
7. See the landlord wants to hit it. . I can't manage this. . Can only escape 

Some Questions To Help You Answer 

Finally. . Some people may have tried this method and then feel useless. Because 
1. After a few days of trying, the weight is not reduced? 
A: Then you will wait a few more days. Basically, some people are very difficult to reduce, but after 3 or 5 days, it should be no problem for one day 
2. How do I feel that I am reducing water? 
A: It is not moisture. Basically, you will find it after 2 or 3 days, huh? What about my stomach? How come it is still flat at night. . There is less fat. My fat face? How is the excess flesh gone? What is the back of my flesh? How hard and hard, is there a point of flustery? Good horror and terrible. . . People don't want ~~~ 
3. I just want to reduce my legs. The result is not reduced at all? 
A: The order is like this. The first is to start with the least fat in your body. The second is the face, belly, back, arms, legs. In short, the difference is that the less fat, the better. 
4. Cut! Not as good as exercise to lose weight? 
A: The concept of exercise to lose weight is that the calorie that you lose every day is higher than what you eat. Then you can't eat less. Look at the title, this is the way for lazy people. 
5. Cut! You and cucumber tomatoes, cucumber eggs, apple milk. . . What is the difference between the methods? 
A: I am healthier than them. One will not be dizzy two will not be malnourished three will not be difficult to stick to four will not easily rebound. 
6. You are not a liar? 
A: I am not a liar. I am not selling weight loss products. Second, you don't give me money. I can't get any benefit. Why waste time lie to you. I spent 30 minutes playing this post. If I can make a lot of money for 30 minutes, I will put time on it. 
7. You must not experience it yourself, is it a murderer? 
A: It is a personal experience. I am going to lose weight, why bother you. If my method hurts people, the so-called hunger strike is not more harmful. 
8. Then I have a problem to find you how to find? 
A: Post a message, click on my username to leave a message. 
9. How many pounds did you lose weight? 
A: 160 pounds reduced, now 112. Continue to reduce. 
10. Why is it useful to use your method, is it physically boring? 
A: You are deficient in calcium and eat more vitamins. 
11. If you can't use it, can you beat me? 
A: You have given me a message if you have tried it. I will give you an address and welcome you to my house to cut me! 

After the nonsense is over, the so-called man must be kind, and the top post is a virtue. Whether it is everyone, support, find fault, doubt, irrigation, boring, arrogant, advertising, welcome top posts. 

I hope more people will see that I hope more people can easily lose 30 pounds a month. 

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