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Good morning fitness or good night fitness

 Good morning fitness or good night fitness

This is a question that Baidu knows to see. The questioner wants to know whether it is good morning fitness or good night fitness. In fact, there is a problem with this problem itself, because it is still relatively extensive in terms of fitness. For example, some people exercise to increase muscles, some people exercise to lose weight, and some people exercise to maintain body shape and so on. However, this article is mainly based on fitness weight loss and fitness gain weight gain analysis: "Good morning fitness or good fitness at night." Please see below for details:

Method / step 1

Let's talk about the fitness for weight loss friends, whether it is good morning fitness or good night fitness. In terms of fitness and weight loss, it is mainly to mobilize more fat to power the body. It is generally recommended that exercisers perform aerobic exercise for at least 20 minutes to mobilize more fat to participate in energy supply. This is also known as the aerobic energy supply system.

Method / step 2

Now the problem comes out. Is it easy to consume more fat during long-term aerobic exercise in the morning, or is it easy to consume more fat during long-term aerobic exercise at night? The answer is: in the case of aerobic exercise at the same time, the morning mobilization of fat decomposition and energy supply will be more.

Method / step 3

The main reasons are as follows:
1. Morning fitness allows the body to enter normal working conditions in advance, so that more energy can be consumed in one day.

Method / step 4

2, in the morning fitness, exercisers because of the consumption of one night, there is not much energy in the body. At this time, long-term aerobic exercise, when the body does not have enough sugar source to supplement, will mobilize more fat decomposition to energize the body.

Method / step 5

 Therefore, for fitness weight loss, morning fitness is more effective than evening fitness.

Method / step 6

Then let's talk about friends who are gaining weight and gain weight in fitness. Is it good morning fitness or good night fitness? For friends who gain weight gain in fitness, the three elements of increasing muscle mass and gaining weight are: effective training, adequate nutritional supplements, and good rest. By doing these three things, you can help your bodybuilders increase their muscles and gain weight.

Method / step 7
The same problem has arisen. Is it good for fitness to grow muscles in the morning, or is night fitness effective for growing muscles? The answer is: with the same nutritional supplements, the effect of growing muscles at night will be better.

Method / step 8

There are also two reasons for the following:

1, fitness friends know that in order to increase muscles, mainly rely on strength exercises, which is what we call muscle training. Those who practice muscle use mention the ATP and ATP-CP systems of the three major energy-supply systems. More generally, they use the energy stored by themselves, that is, the sugar source. While the human body has experienced breakfast, lunch and dinner supplements, the body has stored enough energy, so this time the body has enough energy for high-intensity strength exercises to achieve better training results.

Method / step 9

2, generally after the fitness at night, then sleep and rest, so compared with morning fitness, it is easier to give a good rest after training muscles. When the muscles get a good rest, it will recover better. The principle of muscle growth is through training to destroy muscle fibers, then supplement the nutrients, and finally let the muscles repair, recover, and grow again.

Method / step 10

Therefore, for friends who gain weight and gain weight, fitness at night is more effective than morning fitness.

Method / step 11

Through the above analysis, have you found out according to your fitness goals, good morning fitness or good evening fitness? However, in the end, it is important to emphasize that the above are theoretical analysis based on human conditions. If you want to really know whether it is good morning fitness or good night fitness, it depends on the fitness person's own situation. Whether you are in the morning fitness or fitness at night, it is best if you are suitable for yourself.

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