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How Fast Does Hair Grow |What is the growth rate of hair?

What is the growth rate of hair?
How Fast Does Hair Grow?

A) Gland

1 Gonad: Androgen has an important role in stimulating the growth of hair cells.

2 Adrenal gland: If the androgen secretion of the adrenal cortex is strong, it can cause hirsutism in women. However, it is also related to the function of the pituitary gland. If the function of the pituitary gland is degraded, the hair may be reduced or detached. 3 thyroid: normal or not thyroid function, plays an important role in hair growth. If its function is out of order, the hair of the ankle at the outer third of the eyebrows will fall off. When the function is reduced, not only the color is reduced, but also the hair is reduced or shedding. The growth and shedding of hair are mainly controlled by the growth period of the hair itself, but it is also affected by other factors such as race, endocrine, disease, mental state, gender, age, and season. 

(1) Race: The difference in a race is a relatively obvious phenomenon. People of different races not only have different colors of hair but also how much hair grows and grows. Baldness is very common among Caucasians, less among Chinese, and even more rare among Indians. 

(2) Genetics: In the same family, hair growth is often consistent. Male pattern baldness is closely related to heredity. 

(3) Endocrine: Androgen can act directly on the hair follicles of the hair, leading to male baldness. This phenomenon does not occur in people who lack male hormone stimuli (such as eunuchs). Estrogen has the effect of fighting androgen, so women rarely appear bald before menopause. When the thyroid hormone is insufficient, the hair is scarce, the hair is reduced when the adrenal function is low, and the anterior pituitary function is reduced, which may cause the hair to be completely bald. 

(4) Mental condition: tension, fear, anxiety, etc. can cause hair loss to increase significantly. According to reports, a prisoner of death has lost more than 1,000 cigarettes a day after the verdict.

(5) Vitamins: long-term lack of vitamin A can cause hair scarcity; lack of vitamin B2 can increase sebum overflow, increase sebum overflow, hair easy to fall off; vitamin B6 deficiency can cause abnormal sebum secretion, oral contraceptives can speed up metabolism, consumption More vitamin B6, some women with diffuse hair loss may be related to this. In addition, vitamin B6 can affect the process of pigment metabolism. When it is lacking, the hair can change gray and grow poorly. When pantothenic acid (also known as vitamin B3) is lacking, it can make white hair and grow poorly. Inositol belongs to the vitamin B group, which can prevent hair from falling off. Biotin (also known as vitamin H2) can cause hair loss when it is lacking; p-aminobenzoic acid also belongs to B vitamins, which can protect hair color and maintain normal hair growth. 

(6) Trace elements: Some scholars have observed changes in the trace elements zinc, iron, molybdenum, calcium, lead, magnesium, manganese, and selenium in hair, and found that zinc, copper, iron and manganese values   in patients with hair loss are significantly reduced, while calcium and magnesium The selenium value was significantly increased, and there was no difference in the values   of the elements of the atypical hair loss. Copper deficiency can affect the absorption and utilization of iron. Iron metabolism can cause symptoms such as anemia and mental agitation. The latter can be a triggering factor for alopecia areata. Copper deficiency can also affect the keratinization process of hair, thus affecting hair growth. In combination with calmodulin, high calcium concentration may alter central nervous system immune regulation, leading to hair loss; excessive selenium may cause hair loss due to autoimmune reaction and increased scalp seborrheic.

(7) Disease: Certain systemic diseases, such as febrile diseases, anemia, malnutrition, liver disease, and severe chronic wasting diseases, often cause hair thinning.

(8) Gender and age: Women's hair grows faster than men's, younger people are faster than the elderly, but the difference is not very large. As age increases, the number of hair follicles in the head decreases more significantly. According to statistics, according to the number of hair follicles per square centimeter, 615 are 20 to 30 years old, 485 are 30 to 50 years old, and 435 are 80 to 90 years old.

(9) Other factors: The growth of hair in summer is slightly faster than that in winter. This is because the increase in temperature can promote metabolism and lead to the growth of hair growth. Hair grows slightly faster during the day than at night. X-rays control the sulfhydryl compounds in the hair follicle matrix, causing temporary hair loss. Certain chemical factors, such as iron, can affect keratinization and may interfere with the involvement of cystine in the composition of keratin, which affects hair growth. Ultraviolet rays, drugs, wounds, chronic inflammation, skin diseases, local massage stimuli, etc., also have an effect on hair growth and shedding.

So far, in the hairdressing problems, I have received from readers, the growth rate of hair is often mentioned. Many readers write to tell us the secrets they hear that make hair grow faster. For example, wash your hair with eggs, trim your hair at least once a month, and so on. And these are exactly what we call "hair witchcraft" in other words. In other words, the above-mentioned "secret recipes" that make hair grow faster have no scientific basis at all.
In short, in addition to pregnancy and illness, no matter how much attention and toss you grow on your hair, people's hair is generally only a half inch long on average. Summer grows faster than winter.

The study of various problems of hair is actually a rigorous discipline - the category of "hair science". So far, the structural, physical and chemical characteristics of the hair and the laws of growth have been well studied. And the "hair witchcraft" mentioned above is not based on the pure reverie of chance. On the contrary, they existed before the beginning of modern science.

So, since all the "secrets" that make hair "grow faster" are futile, can we do nothing about the growth rate of hair? In fact, although there is no way to grow faster under the current technical conditions, it is easy to find out the factors that slow down the growth of hair, and many. For example, almost no care for the hair, malnutrition or the unscientific structure of the diet, disease, drug effects and hair loss caused by the natural aging of men and women, in addition to emotional stress is also a factor.

Some of the factors mentioned above are not directly affecting the growth rate of the hair, but affect the growth of the hair by affecting the health of the hair follicle. If you want to find a better hair care method, in addition to the quality and choice of daily shampoo and hair care products, you can also take a proper amount of a variety of multivitamins to make your hair healthier. And such multivitamins don't need to buy those expensive ones, and don't waste money on the so-called "higher" vitamins. It should be noted that unless it is pregnant or critically ill, the average person's body needs not more vitamins a day. In other words, you can't pour twenty gallons into a ten-gallon container.

I often hear that some women take hair growth drugs to make hair grow faster, even men. In fact, the hair growth rate associated with a prospective mother is her hormone levels, not those drugs, so please don't be in vain.

This is the case, although you won't like this answer, it does exist in science. If you insist on the "hair witchcraft" or use the so-called "all spirits", the result is only futile and purse weight loss.

Hair Growth Vitamins

The doctor said

with ginger rub often you can speed up many of the principles is that it can promote blood circulation (reportedly the same effect as well as pepper spray, but it can not try to think clearly).

Nutritionists say

the hair keratin is the main ingredient Contains a variety of amino acids and dozens of trace elements. If iron and protein are deficient, the hair will turn yellow and split. When vegetable oil, vitamin A, protein and iodine are deficient, the hair will be dry, dull and easily broken. Lipid-leasting dermatitis and hair loss occur when vitamin B deficiency is present.

Therefore, you should

eat more of the following foods: Eat more sulfur-containing protein: eggs, milk, lean meat, beans, fish, yeast, etc.

Eat more vegetables, fruits: contains many trace elements necessary to make hair.

Eat more vitamin B6, vitamin E: Vitamins have the effect of preventing white hair and promoting hair growth. For example, cereals, peanuts, beans, bananas, yeast, honey, eggs, and pig liver.

The saying that is circulating on the Internet:

01. Two different brands of shampoo are used interchangeably.

02. Wash your hair frequently and maintain good cleaning habits (Note 1).

03. Regularly comb the hair, the hair can be combed upside down, which helps the blood circulation and growth of the scalp.

05. Massage the head or stand upside down or raise your legs against the wall to allow the blood to accelerate to the head and promote hair growth.

06. Water can moisturize the head while swimming, and the hair will often grow particularly fast and dense.

07. Contraceptive washing head (Note 2).

08. Wash your head with ginger and sorghum wine.

09. Wash the head with the juice squeezed from the skin of grapefruit.

10. Maintain good eating habits, avoid partial eclipse, and take more protein (eg meat, liver, egg products, soybeans, yogurt, cheese, etc.), calcium, gum (fish food) and Dark vegetable food.

11. Add rosemary + geranium / happy sage + mint in shampoo

(Note 1)
The most suitable shampoo time is two to three days to wash, keep the scalp clean, let it keep blood circulation Good, choose a good shampoo, do not use double-effect and multi-effect shampoo!

And it must be washed clean. Do more hair care or scalp care so that the water-lipid membrane of the scalp and the metabolism of oil secretion can be unhindered. Massage the scalp to promote blood circulation in the scalp, which in turn allows the hair to grow quickly.

(Note 2)

You can use the contraceptive to wash your hair or to do hair care because female hormones can promote hair growth, and you can buy female hormones directly. The effect is better, 

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