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[MacBook Pro Eight Core Review] [How to treat Apple's official website on May 21 suddenly launched the first eight-core MacBook Pro ?] [Apple pushes the first eight-core MacBook Pro]

How to treat Apple's official website on May 21 suddenly launched the first eight-core MacBook Pro ?

I brushed Twitter at night and suddenly saw the update, but I was not surprised at all. I remember correctly, and it was so quietly released in July last year.

This update, first updated Intel's ninth generation processor.

Secondly, this is the first time that an eight-core processor has appeared on an Apple notebook. Yes, you didn't get it wrong, the eight-core processor.

Finally, Apple said that the butterfly keyboard has been upgraded, this time using new materials.

The above three points are basically all the updates for this time.

In other words, this is a very normal regular update. As for the legendary new design, the new mold, the new screen, it seems that it is going to be next year.

After the launch of the machine, the most important concern is whether the butterfly keyboard has changed. It should be acknowledged that the design of the butterfly keyboard is destined to be a failed design when it appears in 2016. In order to make MBP thinner and lighter, Apple and consumers have suffered a lot.
I love and hate it, I like its correct rate and typing sound, but I can't adapt to the keystroke problem. It hurts really for a long time. (You don't need it for a while, you may miss it, maybe this is Stockholm syndrome).This time the fourth generation of butterfly keyboard has just arrived, 2018 models have joined the maintenance plan, which means that the first three generations have not been able to improve.
So this new material can really save, and it really takes time to prove it. But don't worry if you are buying people, because in 2019, the new model has been automatically added to the maintenance program.

This operation is really amazing...

The paper parameters of the performance are really strong. Official data:

In a word, the heat is suppressed, this is really a mobile workstation.
The price remained at the original level, 13-inch 13899, 15-inch 18199. Do not increase the amount.
As for buying or not, if you happen to be a user, it is indeed the best time to buy. The student party is not in a hurry, waiting for the start of the school offer, the headset price discount, save a lot
.In the 16-year-old Mac, because of the pursuit of the ultimate thin and light, the design is very radical, of course, this is Apple.
Fortunately, the hardships of the USBC interface have passed, and now it is all sweet. The four USBC interfaces are currently looking good whether they are connected to the monitor or charged. The butterfly keyboard seems to have no way to completely solve the problem before the last change of the mold, but Apple's after-sales can be really responsible. I am sure of my question, I will definitely fix it for you.
For myself, there is no question of not choosing, because macOS is inseparable, work is very efficient in this ecology, what can I do, or the two words:

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