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Scientists invented finger readers and can read books with their eyes closed.

  According to foreign media reports, at present, scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have recently developed a "finger reader" that can point a finger at a printed page or any text on a digital screen when the finger wears a device similar to a large ring. It is read out loud by synthetic sound.

  Finger readers are suitable for people with vision loss, especially blind people who cannot identify any form of written material. The designer said that this "ring" recognizes a wide range of texts, such as bus signs, drug descriptions, restaurant menus, etc.

  At the same time, finger readers allow users to read a large number of books, as well as written materials that cannot be identified by Braille. It is reported that the finger reader is equipped with a small camera that can scan text. When the device points to text, it is easy to read the corresponding content. A special software system can track finger movements, recognize words and process information.

  The device contains a vibrator that alerts the reader when the finger is off the document. Professor Pattie Maes, the head of the research team, is the designer of the device.He stated: "It resembles perusing content at the fingertips and it's truly adaptable."

  The development of a finger reader took the designer Patty for three years, during which he wrote the program code and conducted a series of experiments. Currently, the device has drawbacks associated with the use of touch screens, which are difficult to capture when the finger leaves the touch screen and moves to text. This problem needs to be resolved before the device goes on sale.

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