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[Rest API] What is the API interface, what does it mean? [What exactly is an API?]

What exactly is an API?
What is the API interface, what does it mean?

The API is the interface, which is the channel, responsible for the communication between a program and other software, and the essence is a predefined function. The answering master has also given many intuitive examples. I would like to talk about a good API from another angle and hope to be useful to everyone. For example, if we go to work, the window is similar to an API. If it is not simple for a certain thing, this window can make us "run at most once", "only cover one chapter", this API is good. (Of course, the API is not the same. The interface isolation principle is applied, that is, multiple isolated interfaces are used. For example, user registration and user login respectively write two interfaces, which can improve program design flexibility.)

However, we know that it is still very difficult to "run at most once" in reality. It is necessary for the relevant departments to sort out the various internal processes and data channels, so that this window can easily obtain various data to help us. So, designing a good API is not easy.

There is also an interpretation from the designer, more emphasis on the API contains calculations and logical judgment: assuming that the "goods" in the logistics is data, the "total warehouse" for storing goods is the database, and the "store" is our website, App. The content and numbers displayed on the page, as well as the user's operation request and result are all "goods" that need to be transported continuously - the data, the transfer station responsible for the allocation and packaging is the API, the shop brother directly picks up the goods from the transfer station. it is good.

From the above, the role of the API is also very clear:-
For software providers, leaving APIs for other applications to call, creating an ecosystem, software can maximize its value and be more viable. (At the same time, others can't see the code and don't hurt trade secrets.)-

For application developers, with an open API, you can directly call the functions of multiple companies to do their own applications, without having to do everything yourself and save energy.
In the era of cloud computing and sharing economy, API is the way that technology service providers provide services to customers. For example, Netease Cloud is based on a decade of IM technology to build communication and video services. Developers can quickly implement powerful communication and video functions by integrating the client SDK and the cloud Open API.

First, the interface interface, in the computer field refers to the place where two different things interact, can go to two complete different systems, small to two programs. So this I understands this.
On this basis, the place where people and programs interact is called UI, user interface, and the input of all the characters including the mouse and keyboard touch screen is counted.

Then the interaction between the program and the program is called API. All non-human-to-human interactions are interacted through the API. The so-called interaction is actually the transfer of data and the trigger function.
For example, the dormitory of two universities of science and technology can be used as a base. The place of interaction can be called AI (ASS interface) or GI (Gay interface).

What is API and why it is used?

The full name of the API is the application programming interface, which contains definitions, protocols, and tools for a series of subroutines (or functions, processes, etc.). This series of subroutines can be used to write software. In other words, the API actually provides a communication mechanism within the software. A good API makes it easy for programmers to call various components.
For example, you purchased an I2C protocol analyzer. Many programs have been written in advance for various operations on the tool.

Usually these programs are packaged and provide API functions. By calling the API function, you can write a program to manipulate the tool. Generally, the underlying programming usually uses C or C++, and the API functions provided should also be C or C++ functions. Simply put, you can write a program to operate the analyzer. Use the API functions you mentioned when writing the program.

Break API

It looks like there are two categories of APIs for websites today.
> An API that extends the functionality of your site, such as Facebook and MySpace. These APIs look very different.
> An API that allows interaction with existing site features such as Twitter, Flickr, etc. All this claims to be REST based, but in fact it is simply "data over HTTP".

If you are creating a website that allows extensions and external interactions, which existing API will you use as a reference model?
Best answer
We are doing research on this field. It is not much in terms of the "golden standard" for website API references.
The most common website APIs referenced are:

> Google APIs
> Amazon S3
> Twitter
> Facebook
> LinkedIn
> Delicious
> YouTube
> Netflix
> Sun Cloud API

Here is another list:

Someone recommended this book as a good reference.

(You can edit the list above to add APIs to other well-known profile websites)

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