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What exercise is best for reducing the fat on the stomach?

What exercise is best for reducing the fat on the stomach?

What exercise is best for reducing the fat on the stomach?

As with stomach loss, there is no specific way to reduce belly. To reduce the fat on the stomach, it is necessary to start from the whole body. After the whole body is slimmed down, the flesh on the stomach will naturally decrease. However, if you want to tighten your stomach and not relax, you should cooperate with targeted abdominal training during the overall reduction.

As for what kind of method is the best, diet and aerobic exercise is a good way to reduce fat, but for everyone, only one sentence can answer the above questions, that is, the best for you. For example, we all know that aerobic exercise such as running, cycling, swimming, skipping, etc. can burn the fat whole body to achieve weight reduction, but for individuals, whether the time is allowed, whether the physical ability is allowed, various Whether the conditions allow this is different.
So choosing the exercise that you can do and stick to is the best, not to choose a sport that has a higher fat burning effect but has no conditions to complete.
exercise to reduce belly fat for a female at home

From this point of view, for most people, they are in a state of being busy for their livelihood. If you want to systematically take part in the time to do aerobic exercise, it is not allowed in time because they Not free after work. So choosing a sport that is short-lived and efficient and can be done at home is more feasible for them.
Therefore, the following describes a group of abdominal aerobic exercise, which can be done at home, and it takes a long time. In the whole process, it can consume considerable heat to achieve the purpose of weight reduction, and can also practice the abdomen. Two things in one fell swoop. If you feel comfortable, give it a try.
Action 1: 30 seconds of scissors feet
·     The waist is attached to the ground, the buttocks are lifted off the ground, and the lower abdomen has a tight feeling.
·     Put your hands on the sides of your hips, hook your toes, lift your legs to about 45°, and lift your waist.
·     The knees are fixed and the kicking action cannot occur.
·     Keep breathing naturally throughout
·     Always pay attention to tightening the abdominal muscles. The longer the movement lasts, the stronger the abdominal feeling will be.
Action 2: 25 seconds mountaineering run
·     Stretching on the yoga mat, elbows slightly bent, upper body flat
·     Alternately raise the knee with the fastest speed, knees close to the chest
·     Use the power of the abdomen to push the thigh
·     Keep your abdomen tight and use the fastest speed

Action 3: 16 forwards 
·     Put your feet together, tighten the core of your abdomen, put your hands on your chest, and sink your shoulders.
·     The upper body is straight, one leg forward and the lower jaw, the center of gravity is in the middle of the two feet
·     Slight pause, the front leg powers up and returns to the starting position
·     Keep your legs alternately forward, keep the same size every step, and don’t touch the knees on the back legs.
·     Exhale when standing up, inhale when you squat

Action 4: 12 push-ups
·   The hand is directly below the shoulder, the whole palm touches the ground, and the fingers force to reduce the burden on the wrist. The ankles support the lower body and tighten the core.
·     Inhale when lowered, keep the core tightened all the way, the head is slightly upward, to ensure that the neck is naturally neutral, and the elbow is opened in the direction of about 45 degrees behind the slope.
·     Exhale when pushed up, the arm rotates outward on the outside of the arm, pinches the chest, and slowly pushes back to the starting position. The arm is pulled inward during the pushing process, not just straightening the arm.

Action 5: 16 backward 
·  Tighten the abdomen, hands on the hips, the upper body straight, backward one leg and squat, the center of gravity in the middle of the feet
·     Keep your legs alternate and keep the same size every step
·     Retreat as far as possible to the lowest
·     Inhale when the body is squatting, exhale when you get up

Action 6: 20 supine bicycles
·    Hold your hands on both ears, use the strength of the abdominal muscles to roll the shoulders and upper back off the ground while turning the upper body to send the elbows forward, alternately touching the opposite knees
·     Keep your lower back close to the ground and keep your elbows open to the outside
·     Lift your knees firmly and place your knees close to your elbows; while the other leg is lowered, the heel should not touch the ground.
·     Exhale while turning, inhale in the middle position

Action 7: 10 times of opening and closing jump wave ratio
·    Put your feet together, lean over your knees, hold your hands and shoulders at the same width, while your legs jump backward and straighten, then quickly withdraw
·     Quickly retract your legs to the abdomen, get up and jump, with your feet apart, and your hands clap your head
·     After the feet jumped together, they quickly leaned down and squatted, without standing.
·     Jumping higher will work better

Action 8: 20 Russian swivels
·     Rotate your shoulders to move your arms
·     The lower back is straight and the upper back is slightly arched
·   Hands touch the ground on both sides of the body, eyes follow the movement of both hands
·     Exhale while turning, inhale when you turn

Action 9: 15 squats
·  Straight back, heel and shoulder width, knee and toe in the same direction, do not buckle, hands crossed on the chest
·     The squat movement is natural and smooth, and the buttocks move backward. At the lowest point, the thigh is approximately parallel to the ground, and then the body is restored.
·     Keep your back straight and keep inhaling when you squat. Exhale when you get up.

Warm up before the action, rest between actions for 30 seconds, do 2-3 groups each time, 3-4 times a week. During the movement, each movement is guaranteed to be in place, and the movement is relaxed after the end of the movement.
In the process of moving, the faster the speed, the higher the jump, the larger the range of motion, the greater the amplitude, the higher the intensity, so adjust according to your own situation, choose the strength that suits you according to each action, the intensity is too Low will make you feel that you have no effect and give up. If you are too high, you will give up because you are too tired. Therefore, you must choose a challenging strength that can be completed within the specified time. This will not only achieve a good fat burning effect but also Make it easier for you to stick to it.

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