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What is the effect of green tea on skin care?

What is the effect of green tea on skin care?
 For a long time, green tea has been loved by people for its magical effect of soothing the mind, renewing the body and detoxifying the skin. Almost everyone knows that drinking green tea is good for the body. Nowadays, green tea has become the most popular skin care ingredient, and it has been widely added to skin care products, allowing people to directly and effectively apply the beauty effects of green tea to the skin. So what is the effect of green tea on skin care?

The beauty of green tea: anti-oxidation of skin  

Green tea can help the skin fight against oxidation.

This is because green tea is rich in tea polyphenols, and tea polyphenols have a very strong antioxidant effect. Its antioxidant capacity is many times that of vitamin E. Therefore, the girls can often drink. Green tea to help the skin fight against oxidation, thus preventing skin aging. The beauty effect of green tea is two: help the skin calm and anti-inflammatory Green tea is a cool tea, and tea polyphenols in green tea can help the skin fight bacteria and eliminate inflammation. The eyebrows can add a proper amount of green tea in the face water, and then cleans the face, which is not only better. It cleanses the skin and helps the skin to soothe and relax the nerves, effectively protecting the skin from damage. The acne skin caused by the fire is very suitable for soothing and calming the skin in this way.

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Green skin beauty effect three: green tea skin care moisturizing refreshing  
The eyebrows can also use green tea to make skin care water. For the rough, dry and dull skin of the skin, green tea skin care water can effectively moisturize and refresh the skin. Take a proper amount of green tea leaves, mix a small piece of fresh lemon slices, add the right amount of pure water, then put it in a small bottle and place it in a cool place. When the two are completely blended with pure water. The girls can take out the skin on the face and have a very good moisturizing effect on the rough, dry, dark yellow skin and other skin problems.

 The beauty effect of green tea is four: help the skin to discharge toxins 
Green tea is not only rich in tea polyphenols, but also rich in vitamins. Vitamins in green tea can help the skin inhibit the deposition of melanin, and also promote the blood circulation of the skin, thus helping the skin to excrete excess toxins. For white-collar girls who often need to face computer work, drinking green tea or washing their face with green tea can help the skin to remove dullness, fight back melanin, and regain the healthy beauty of white peony.
Green skin beauty effect five: help skin exfoliation  

The eyebrows mix the green tea powder with the exfoliating cream, then gently apply it to the skin and massage it in a circular motion. This will allow the skin to be very well relaxed, and the exfoliation will be more thorough and effective. The effect on the skin. Tea polyphenols in green tea have natural antibacterial and astringent effects, not only protect the skin from harm, but also cleanse the skin. In addition, the theanine contained in green tea also has a calming effect, which can soothe the body and relax the nerves. It also helps a lot

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