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Back pain may be a visceral warning

Back pain may be a visceral warning! Left upper back painful myocardial infarction, right upper back pain pneumonia

[Good morning health ] Modern people will have some back pain problems, but generally it is just too much pressure or lack of exercise caused by muscle soreness, but Japanese immunization doctor doctors said that the human body The back is covered with many organs and nerves connected to it, so as long as the back is suddenly and severely painful, be careful of the dangers that may be conveyed by the internal organs.

Back pain is also related to internal organs

There are posterior peritoneal organs on the back including duodenum, pancreas, kidney, etc.

Doctors pointed out that the abdominal cavity is surrounded by the peritoneal mucosa to form the abdominal cavity, which contains visceral tissues such as stomach, liver and large intestine. After being isolated by these peritoneum, the organ protected by another layer of posterior peritoneum is called the posterior peritoneal organ. It includes the duodenum, pancreas, kidneys, etc., so although the latter organs are also located in the abdomen in terms of position, they may be associated with the nerves of the back and waist when problems occur.

Cardiovascular, bladder, and uterus are also related to waist and back pain

In addition, the urologist of the Department of Medicine of the Nagoya University School of Medicine also said that the back also has a large artery that carries the heart blood, and the lower part has a bladder or a female-specific uterus and other interperitoneal organs, so whether it is Cystitis, menstrual pain, endometriosis, acute pyelonephritis or myocardial infarction may be associated with back pain.

Warning of different positions in back pain

Doctors also designed a map of back pain, explaining the different aspects of back pain, the public can easily determine what kind of disease they have in order to go to the medical department as soon as possible.

Pain in the upper left side of the back: 
myocardial infarction, aortic dissection, etc.

Possibility 1: If there is pain in the upper side of the left back as if the heart was held by the hand, there is doubt about angina or myocardial infarction. In severe cases, even the entire back will be painful.

Possibility 2: If the heart is as painful as it is to be split, it may be aortic dissection or an aortic aneurysm.

Pain in the upper right side of the back: pneumonia, tuberculosis, bronchitis, etc.

Possibility 1: If the upper right side is painful and accompanied by coughing, the sound of coughing may be a lung disease such as pneumonia or tuberculosis. Usually, the patient's cough is sputum and easy to chest pain, and the body is prone to fever and breathlessness.

Possibility 2: If the sound is not so loud when coughing, but the whole back is hurting when coughing up, it may be caused by bronchitis caused by asthma, cold and smoking. Usually patients have chest tightness and a lot of problems.

Pain in the lower left side of the back: pancreatic cancer, acute pyelonephritis, kidney stones, etc.

Possibility 1: If it is severe pain and unbearable after a meal or after drinking, it may be inflammation of the pancreas and even doubts about pancreatic cancer, especially if the diet contains high amounts of fat or alcohol and has gallstones. A medical history increases the pain level of the pancreas.

Possibility 2: Systemic fever accompanied by pain in the lower left side of the lower back. It may be acute pyelonephritis or kidney stones. Since the kidneys are on both sides of the body, there may be pain on the left and right.

Right lower back pain: duodenal ulcer, hepatitis, acute pyelonephritis, kidney stones, etc.

Possibility 1: If you feel the heart socket on the fasting, the right back and other parts are like being pricked by force, it may be duodenal ulcer, generally speaking between young people between 20 and 40 years old.

Possibility 2: If you feel pain all the way from the right side of the flank to the back, and the body is heavy, burnout has hepatitis doubts.

Possibility 3: Systemic fever accompanied by pain in the lower right side of the lower back. It may be acute pyelonephritis or kidney stones. Since the kidneys are on both sides of the body, pain may occur on both sides.

Pain around the waist: urethral calculi, fallopian tube inflammation, ectopic pregnancy, chocolate cysts, etc.

Possibility 1: If there is intermittent severe pain in the lower abdomen and waist, it may be urethra and ureteral stones in the event of a seizure or even complete failure. Even women think that this pain is more than the vaginal tearing during production. Still unbearable.

Possibility 2: If the whole body has a fever and a feeling of lumbar pain, it may be caused by a sexually transmitted disease such as chlamydia infection, such as tubal inflammation, ectopic pregnancy and other gynaecological diseases.

Possibility 3: If menstrual pain is more severe than before, and all the way from the lower abdomen to the side of the waist, it may be endometriosis (also known as chocolate cyst).

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