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Good way to lose weight: Which fitness equipment has the best weight loss effect?

Good way to lose weight: Which fitness equipment has the best weight loss effect?

Which fitness equipment is used to lose weight? A: The most energy-consuming treadmill

The weather has gradually warmed up, and the seasons when you need to show your body are coming soon. When you are ready to go to the gym to sweat, do you realize that when you choose a training device, you may be destined to spend twice as much time as other people.

Bodybuilding, the famous fitness website in the United States, classifies the seven most common devices in the gym, and identifies the most efficient and least effective exercise equipment to see which one is best for you.
The most energy-consuming treadmill, the elliptical machine is the worst

In the gym, you can always hear the fitness instructor tell you that every aerobic device can achieve good weight loss. But in fact, not all aerobic devices can help you to "smash the meat" efficiently.

A study by the Journal of the American Medical Association surveyed several aerobic fitness equipment in the gym today. The results show that when a fitness person runs or walks slowly on a treadmill, the energy consumption is the greatest, so the treadmill is the exercise. The best device for cardiopulmonary oxygen demand.

In fact, jogging on a treadmill is 40% more energy-consuming than riding a bicycle at the same time.

Surprisingly, the elliptical machine, which is very common in Chinese gyms, is considered to be the most useless aerobic device.

Seven aerobic equipment energy consumption competition

1. Treadmill

  Energy efficiency: A

  Performance: A+

  Universality: A+

Professional evaluation: Unlike other aerobic devices, treadmills allow you to move your entire body and move reasonably. The treadmill is super easy to use, with a few simple buttons to start running, adjust speed, and even adjust the slope.

In order to maximize your exercise time, you can unplug your headphones, turn off your TV, and do some high-intensity training on your treadmill.

2. Climbing Machine

  Energy efficiency: A

  Performance: A-

  Universality: A-

Professional evaluation: We recommend adding intermittent training to this exercise, and try not to use the armrest to support the upper body, otherwise your exercise intensity will be greatly reduced, and the burning calories will be reduced.

3. Rowing Machine

  Energy efficiency: A+

  Performance: B+

  Universality: B

Professional evaluation: Not every gym is equipped with a rowing machine, but we think this is one of the most effective ways of aerobic exercise. It's a full-body campaign, and you'll spend a lot of calories as long as you spend 10 minutes on this device.

But the biggest drawback of this device is that if the action is not standardized, the effect will be greatly reduced.

4. Aerobic Bicycle

  Energy efficiency: A+

  Performance: B

  Universality: B

Professional evaluation: If you have ever rode this aerobic bike, you will understand how difficult it is.

For this kind of sports equipment like "crossing" from the 80s, if we want to score the shape, we have to give an F (fail), but its energy efficiency is definitely A+ level. The more you step on it, the greater the air resistance.

5. Spinning Bike

  Energy efficiency: A

  Performance: B

  Universality: A

Professional evaluation: Spinning is a good aerobic exercise. For fat burning you can set a long distance, high intensity mode.

However, the novices should pay attention. If you sit uncomfortable for a long time, there may be embarrassing bruises in some parts of the next morning.

6. Elliptical Machine

  Energy efficiency: D

  Performance: F

  Universality: A

Professional evaluation: The elliptical machine is placed behind the arc step rotator because the arc step rotator has more functions, but they all have the same problem: the body movement is unnatural and the function is insufficient.

Not only that, if the resistance of the device is adjusted to less than 10, it is basically the same as lying on the sofa.

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